How To Get Windows 11 On Your System Right Now


Microsoft has recently launched a new version of Windows. Windows 11 is a great operating system. 

It will release in October 2021. 

But, you can install the latest operating system on your PC Right Now. Remember the full version of the operating system will release in October 2021. The version that you can try now is a dev version

What is a Dev Version?

Dev Version is quite similar to the final version but with bugs and changes. Windows 11 Dev version is unfinished and specifically made for the windows insiders to try out the new os and report any bug or feedback.

Here is How You can install Windows 11 on your PC Right now

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Search for Diagnostics and Feedback Settings
  3. Turn on optional diagnostic data
  4. Now Enter settings again and search for Windows Insider Program
  5. Click on Get Started and enter the Dev Channel
  6. You will receive the Windows 11 in the form of an update

You Can Only Install Windows 11 If Your PC Has

  1. Secure Boot Enabled
  2. TPM 2.0
  3. Intel 8th Generation Processor and above
  4. AMD 1st Generation above

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