Easter 22 inch Drum Set Kit Review


Hello Drummers, today we will be reviewing the latest offering from Eastar, The Easter 22 inch drum set kit.

Specifications of Easter 22 inch Drum Set

  1. Product full name is Easter EDS-480Bu
  2. It includes 5 drum set, drum body, drum stand, throne, and cymbal
  3. Includes 22mm Hi-Hat stand
  4. Bass drum rings are made up of high-quality iron
  5. Drum throne is made up of a double-plate structure with a load capacity of 330 lb
  6. The face of the snare drum is made of high quality white matte skin 
  7. The package includes – one 22′ x 16″ bass drum, a 12″ x 8″ Mounted Tom, a 10″ x 7″ Mounted Tom, a 14″ x 5.5″ Mounted Tom with Stand, a floor drum (16″ x 16″, a 14-inch Hi-Hat Cymbal with a stand, 16″ Straight Cymbal, 7A wooden drum sticks, Bass Pedal, Adjustable round throne, Instruction Manual


  1. Excellent sound quality
  2. Build quality is good
  3. Great for Beginners
  4. Packaging was superb
  5. The product looks quite premium and attractive


  1. The product comes with an instruction manual, still, the assembling process is quite difficult
  2. The quality of this product is excellent but the parts can get real heavy sometimes

So that was the review of The full-sized Easter 22 inch Drum Set. I have to say that Easter 22 inch drum set is one of the best drum sets that I have reviewed and the best model available on Amazon right now. 

The product is available in two different colors. The colors are metallic blue and metallic black.

The price of the product is $299.99 and you can also add some protection plans to make sure your drum sets have a long life.

Easter is a great company and they focus on quality rather than quantity. Check other Easter products on this website.

This drum set also has a 12-month warranty.

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