Windows 10 exposed to a Major Attack. Know how to avoid the risk


Windows 10 is the most popular, safe and widely used operating system. It keeps on improving security but still can be the victim of many virus attacks.

Due to a major vulnerability to could expose the users of the windows 10 to hacks, breaches, malware and surveillance, your security is at risk. Luckily Microsoft has released a patch for its latest operating system that can fix the problem

The flaw was identified by the National Security Agency and immediately communicated Microsoft the problem.

Business, organizations and agencies using windows 10 as their primary OS must install the patch immediately.

The threat is very major and you must isolate the system which can be updated, said the Department of Homeland Security.

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Microsoft released the major update on Tuesday. The Senior director with Microsoft said that customers who have installed the update or have auto-updates enabled are safe. The user must use the original copy of windows 10, using pirated one can also expose you to this threat

The flaw is identified in the Microsoft signatures. Hackers can expose the signature of Microsoft. The partnership between Microsoft and NSA is largely applauded by Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I., Senior member of the homeland Security and Co-Founder, Co-chair of Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus

Have you updated your windows?

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