U.N. blocked from Using WhatsApp after the June Update

Whatsapp is not considered safe anymore according to the United Nations.

After the recent WhatsApp hack case of the Amazon Chief executive Jeff Bezos. The Experts of the United Nations accused Saudi Arabia, although the embassy of Saudi Arabia is denying the accusation after conducting an investigation, it is still not clear what is true and what is not.

The United Nations officials have stopped using Whatsapp as their communication medium as it is not considered secure anymore. The U.N. Officials accused Saudi Arabia of the attack.

They stopped using Whatsapp as their main communication due to the safety blame. Whatsapp provides security for more than 1.4 billion users in the world. It leads the industry by providing the best security.

Every Message send by the users is encrypted end-to-end, this helps the users to keep the chat private from others and even WhatsApp itself.

According to the director of communications of Whatsapp, Carl Woog said that the encryption technology that WhatsApp developed is one of the best security ever develop.

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This may leave digital security experts confused, that only WhatsApp Is being singled out and not Facebook.
According to a survey and analysis, WhatsApp takes its security very seriously. Said by the researcher Oded Vanunu, whose company specializes in finding the flaws of other messaging applications.

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