Third wave of Corona begins in Kerala: India

third wave of covid in india

Kerela, a southern state of India has reported more than 40.000 cases in past 24 hours. This could be a first sign to mark the beginning of third wave of corona pandemic in India.

India suffered second wave of Corona starting from March till Late June. the cases increased drastically from 9,121 to 414,188. Their were plenty of challenges that entire nation had to face such as shortages of hospital beds, Oxygen cylinder, vaccines, basic drugs, etc. The exact number of deaths would be countless after covid infected dead bodies were found floating in the Ganges river due to no space for cremation.

It is high time when government should be taking actions to prevent loss of life from third wave of Covid however they do not seem to take any such action. It is not just Kerela but other states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Himachal, Uttarakhand etc. where people are neglecting pandemic and monsoon has been a boosting element for covid in India.

Even after repeated warnings certain citizens of India are not taking preventive measures towards corona and could be seen avoiding wearing masks, not following social distancing, travelling for leisure, shopping in crowded local markets and many more such things.

We request you to stay safe, vaccinated and sanitized.

Rohit Rajwani

Rohit Rajwani

Rohit is a Founder at Outsource All Services and serves as contributing editor at Daily News Scoop. He loves to dig into depth of technology, business startups, fashion, food, lifestyle and health.




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