Jeff Bezos Phone Hacked?


The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was hacked in 2018. The mysterious question is that, who could hack him.

FTI conducted an investigation and found out that the hack is from Saudi Arabia. The CEO received a malicious messge from Whatsapp, which initiated the hacking.

According to analysis and proper investigation, it was revealed that the chat message which was sent by the Saudi Arabian contact was connected with the Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia denied the accusation and decided to call for a proper govt official investigation.

According to the latest news as of 22 Jan, The investigation came to a conlusion that the rumours about the attack being connected with the Saudi Arabia Prince were totally absurd. It is revealed by the Saudi Embassy.

Bezos and the prince of Saudi Exchanged their numbers on May 1 2018, and after just a few hours Bezos received a suspiscious Video File which after playing inititated the hack attack and stole a large amount of data present in the pihone of the CEO according to the Guardian.

It is still not clear how the data was stolen and how it can be used against the CEO. The relationship between the CEO and the Prince went south after a very major incident.

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