Increasing Covid-19 cases in Multiple states of India

increasing covid cases in india

India has reported 42,625 new cases in the last 24 hours. 562 deaths have also been reported, that’s a sharp rise of 140 deaths from the previous 24 hour period.

Cases also have significantly gone up by over 12 000 now. After testing has been ramped up substantially also with 47.3 crore tests conducted totally.

After that warning from the government which said the R factor had risen in as many as eight states and describing the pandemic is still raging in various parts of the country now and cases appear to be going up as well.

It’s important to remember that yesterday’s cases which were 30,549 were actually a significant drop from Sunday so this is early on in the week and as we said yesterday as well we shouldn’t give too much weight to our daily fluctuations early on in the week.

Current Scenario

We right now are on the trajectory of slow rise in cases. The health ministry yesterday also said that it’s important to look at long-term data.
Now if we look at weekly positivity, 44 districts are reporting more than 10 percent weekly positivity.

Last week, it was 54 districts so it’s interesting that there is a decrease in the number of districts showing a weekly positivity rise but this is because some districts in the northeast and Kerala which were the majority of districts showing high positivity have actually decreased but it’s new areas showing high positivity now. that’s a matter of concern as the virus may not may no longer be localized to Kerala.

In the north east Himachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh are new entrants in this list of states with districts with high over 10 percent weekly positivity.
This shows that there is an a coordinated increase in the virus in areas that are far from each other.

We see that there is a coordinated increase even high metro cities are showing increase in their R value over one so it’s a slow increase still right
but it’s a matter of concern that these areas are not close to each other anymore.

Rohit Rajwani

Rohit Rajwani

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