First Royal Death From Coronavirus


Spain Princess Maria Teresa has become the First Royal Princess to die from Covid-19. Her Funeral is held in Madrid.

Her Brother Prixto Enrique announced on Facebook of her death. The Princess was of age 86. The news of her death came weeks after the test of King Felipe VI of Spain, the test was negative.

The Princess was quite active and was also known as “Red Princess” Due to her open opinions and activities. She used to study in France and was a professor in Paris Sorbonne.

She was also a professor at Complutense University located in Madrid.

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Meanwhile, Prince Charles is tested for Coronavirus and the results are positive. Although her mother Queen Elizabeth II remains healthy and is in perfect condition. The coronavirus has also infected the prince of Wales, he has been showing some low to mild symptoms but overall he is in good health and has been working from home.

Coronavirus is a critical virus that has no cure and is quite contagious. It is a request from the team of DailyNewsScoop to Stay at Home and eat good food. Remember even a single person can become a part of the chain of coronavirus and can effect the whole community.

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