Family of Five and a Dog found dead in their home.


A Dog and A family of five have been found in their home in North Carolina. The victims were found on Friday by the investigators in Vanceboro.

Vanceboro is exactly 113 miles south-east of Raleigh. The main investigation is done by Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes. The District Attorney Scott Thomas is also involved in the investigation.

The couple were identified as Michael Jay and April Ireland, and their three children were aged 8 months, 3 and 4 years respectively, According to The Sheriff Chip Hughes.

The investigation and autopsies are still running on the case and further information will be released on Monday after the full research, according to Thomas.

The office of Sheriff also said that this is an isolated incident, and the community will face no threat and will be safe.

According to neighbors, the couple had an infant girl and two sons. They also had a dog, the breed was Pitbull, who was also found dead. According to neighbors, “It was a really nice dog”.

The investigators found their body on Friday and the investigation is still taking place, to keep updated on this news, visit DailyNewsScoop.

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