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Chinese New Year is coming with the arrival of the first new moon of the year 2020. The festival is also known as the Lunar year or Spring Festival.

It starts in the year of the rat. Rat is considered as the first animal in the zodiac of Chinese and marks the start of a new 12-year cycle. It will start from Saturday

The occasion is quite festive. It is meant to be spent by family and friends. A traditional dish, home cleaning and festive outfits are very common on this day

This holiday is centred around food, symbolic dishes and a proper platter of dumplings and Whole fish. The feast usually takes place on Friday, it is also called the new year’s eve.

The outfits that people wear must be bright and should contain multiple colours.

It is a rumour that people cannot wash their hair on the Chinese new year, it’s truly false. In order to celebrate the new year, you need to clean your house, clean yourself, which means even washing the hair to look nice.

Stuff you should avoid doing on the Lunar New year

1. Avoid doing negative things

It’s a prosperous occasion and thinking negative and abusing someone in a bad way may harm the occasion for them and for you and your family. It’s a day to give love and appreciate the new beginning of the year.

2. Not to clean yourself

It’s a good thing to clean your house, and yourself on the occasion of the new beginning. Clean your inner soul and surroundings around you.

From the family of DailyNewsScoop, Our Team wishes you a prosperous Happy New Year!

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