Disney Plus is all set to announce a cheaper subscription plan


TLDR: Disney plus all set to launch a cheaper subscription plan; will be supported with ads; the new price is projected to cost about $4.99 a month; Big Giant also expanding its services to over 50 countries including the Middle East and Europe;

Disney Plus brings exciting news for all the movie buffs by introducing a relatively cheaper subscription plan but will be supported with ads.

Disney Plus has recently announced the plan and it will launch later this year.

The price has not been revealed by the big giant. The price of the ad-free version is currently $7.99 per month.

The new plan will probably be cheaper than the current ad-free plan. The new version of Disney+ is projected to cost about $4.99 a month, but that is not confirmed yet.

Disney media and entertainment distribution stated that expanding access to Disney plus to a larger audience at a cheaper price is a win-win for everyone. More families will be able to access the amazing content and the unique stories. This movie is also beneficial for advertisers as they will be able to reach a wider audience.

The Big Giant is also planning to expand its services to over 50 countries including Europe and the Middle East.

If you live in India, then you can access Disney Plus through Disney + Hotstar. The monthly premium plan is priced at rs 299/month. The yearly premium plan is priced at Rs 1499.

Adopting an Ad-Supported model would be a good move for Disney. It is not yet confirmed whether the new plan will be available in India.

Disney Plus has also taken certain measures against Russia amid the Invasion. You can read about the measures in the article below

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