Discus Thrower Kamalpreet Kaur becomes first Indian to touch 64m at Olympics

kamalpreet discus olympics

Kamalpreet Kaur, the Indian Discus throw player has qualified for the women’s discus throw final at the Tokyo Olympics. She is the first Indian to touch the mark of 64m in discus throw.

She finished second in qualification round. The first qualifier is Allman V with 66.42m. The world record set in discus throw is 76.80m. So far it can’t be said to be near world record or even Olympic record which is 72.30m however this is a sport one can’t predict anything.

Osakue D who ranks third in this Olympic is not much far as she got 63.66m which broke her national record.

On one hand Kamalpreet bagged second rank and on the another Seema Punia was disappointed as she could not make it to finals in the game.

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