Delta fined $50000 due to Discrimination against Muslims


According to the latest news, Delta Air Lines was fined by the US Department of Transportation on Friday. The fine is of $50,000. The allegation was that they discriminated against three Muslim Passengers, who were ordered to get off their planes.

It happened before, A Muslim Couple were removed from the flight of Delta Number 229 on July 26, 2016, at the Charles De Gaulle Airport located in Paris. Passengers told a flight attendant that the couple was behaving weird and the behaviour made her very nervous and uncomfortable.

The couple were US Citizens and were returning home and there was no danger, but the captain refused to let the board the plane. The weird behaviour was that Mrs X was earing a scarf and Mr x were texting Allah from his phone, as seen by the Flight Attendant.

The second incident also took place on July 31, 2016, where Muslim Passenger was again accused by the flight crew for the weird behaviour and the security after an investigation found no flag against the Muslim passenger but still the captain landed the flight at the airport and had him checked and his seat searched.

It is a part of discrimination and it violates the transportation department policy. Further behaviours by delta can lead to huge Lawsuit against them

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