22-year-old guy threaten and forced to shave his mustache in Uttar Pardesh


Rajat was forced to shave his mustache by a group of people. Rajat was a resident of Shimlana village in UP. He was abused and threatened, and the group forcefully shaved his mustache off. He was a student of final year engineering.

Rajat was a Dalit, and his mustache was shaved by a group of upper caste people.

In his complaint, Rajat said he was abused and forcefully taken to the barbershop. He was threatened with his life. The offenders threatened Rajat with pistols and knives, and they forcefully shaved his mustache off.

The police came into action after the video of the incident went viral on social media. Bhim Army also protested this incident on July 22.

Fir was filed under sections 504, 506, 323, 147, 148 of the Indian penal code. Police have registered a case against Sandeep Rana, Neeraj Rana, Monty Rana, Satyam Rana, Rupantu Rana, Mokam Rana, and Rajindra barber in Badgaon police station Utter Pradesh

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