Stay healthy: The ultimate solution to live life


Stay healthy is the mantra of the hour. 

Keeping the current atmosphere in mind where globally we see the mayhem of coronavirus, resulting in almost complete lockdown of the world, its imperative to keep our bodymind and soul in a perfect healthy condition. 

You may ask, for body yes, it’s in our control to stay healthy but how to keep our mind and soul healthy.

Firstly, lets share a few tips on keeping your body healthy in these laziest hours when there is seldom any movement from morning to night owing to closure of offices, public transport and restriction on venturing outside the homes. 

Gyms are closed, so most of the younger population who frequent gyms are in desperation situation.  Parks are restricted so older population perform yoga and other outdoor exercises in open are in the similar situation.

Let’s address stay healthy younger population


First (since they are comparatively restless):  if you have any gym related equipment at your home, utilise them wisely.  Remember the lessons given by your gym instructor on how to balance your exercise for your entire body. 

See, the instructor is not here to monitor your movements, so its imperative to do your exercises wisely to avoid any untoward incident.

Let’s now address the stay healthy older population

old people

Since they are comparatively determined:  now you have your yoga mat (for yoga lovers) and you are thoroughly trained in your yoga exercises, so make a vow to perform it regularly every morning. 

Your discipline (as you used to do in the parks) will help you to maintain your stay healthy attitude in you day in and day out.  Since you are doing it alone in your balcony or in your drawing room, try to perform exercises twice / thrice to remain fit. 

This will not only help you pass your time but also give you feel good factor and a self-satisfaction of an achievement.

For stay healthy older population who perform bodily exercises in the parks, continue the same rituals at home and try to add some new exercises every day since you are having a lot of time and energy to increase your stamina.

At stay healthy we talked about body related exercises, now let’s focus on mind related exercises to stay healthy psychologically ( your mind)

empty mind

Empty mind is Satan’s mind.  Amid coronavirus related news on all TV news channels, its easy that negative thoughts try to infiltrate and tend to depress our mind.  The fear of unknown tries to creep in the mind as all kind of human beings are there, some with strong will power and some with not so strong will power.

You will be facing some hurdles while you try to stabilize your mind.  Long days without work, no venturing out, no eating out, irritation, anger, frustration etc.  And that anger / frustration normally vents out on the family members. 

It happens as a person who is working in the office / shop for long hours, commute long distances everyday suddenly sitting at home with absolutely no / less purpose.   In this case it’s imperative to indulge yourself in constructive activities and occupy your mind towards positivity to stay healthy.

Experts have compiled a few tips and healthy habits that can help you live longer.

So where is the solution?  Stay healthy solution is within you.  You are the boss of your mind and you are strong enough to control it, channelize it to do creative things.  Redeveloping an old hobby, catching up old friends/relatives via social media (since you can’t go out and they can’t come to you), video games, long forgotten TV serials / movies…..a lot to do and divert the negativity from your mind. 

stay healthy by exercising

Write a blog, play indoor games with your kids, help your better half in performing daily chores, spend quality time with your elders……yes, you can be a living example in your home.  A complete stay healthy personality that fits in all shoes, be it kids/wife/parents. 

And you will notice that once this lockdown is over and life comes to normalcy, the stay healthy personality of you would help you in achieving your goals in your professional life too.  It takes a strong will power to adapt to these changes, but at the end of the day treat this is a unique opportunity we have been provided by nature itself to change our selves.

Now how to keep our soul healthy in this environment!!!

soul healthy

As the saying goes “Soul is the mirror of you”!!

If soul is restless so is you, if soul is at peace so is you.

In this testing time, it’s important to stayheathy, keep yourself calm and keep your soul at peace.  Once your soul attains harmony you will see the reflection of this change in your day to day behaviour. 

Unlike your mind, your soul is altogether different and seeks attention at spiritual level.  Even if someone is satisfied with his/her personal and professional life, they may feel stress / grief when come across the incidents happening locally or globally. 

In our daily life, we encounter stress in many shapes and forms, but in time like today when a silent virus is creating havoc globally, we are more vulnerable to stress as compared to peaceful times.  So tough times call for imperative measures and challenge us to stay healthy. 

As you are sitting in your home due to lockdown in your respective city, you are vulnerable to the turbulence in your thoughts (mostly negative) that in turn leaves the impact on your soul too. 

The need is to counter these turbulences with an iron fist.  So stay healthy, Let’s see how?


Deep Breathing   – It sounds simple and maybe a little dull to some.  For some time forget everything for a second and take a few deep breaths.  It’s proven that this can help calm the mind and soothe the soul.  It adjusts your physical body to a state of calm.


Write a soul journal – If you have never written before, try this simple task.  Write what ever you feel, without any boundness.  It’s time to start, make it your new routine.  It can help you shift through complex problems and emotions during the time of lockdown. It’s a way to express yourself, it’s like interacting with your dear ones in the form of writing.


Take long walks in your home/Premises – Though its difficult to take long walks in this time of lockdown, but if you are living in a gated society, you can take long walks in the society to stay healthy, either in the morning or evening.  Solo walks help you to reduce stress and uplift your mood and at times connect yourself to your inner soul.


Meditate – Now you have lot of free time during the lockdown period so to stay healthy Meditate and meditate a lot.  You will soon find the long- and short-term benefits of meditation. 

Soon after you start meditation you will feel a certain decrease in anxiety and stress, improvement in sleep and overall health.  In the long term, you will be benefitted by attaining healthy mind and healthy soul.


Offer to help others – Think about others instead of yourself.  Get out of your head – even its just a small amount of time or a compliment – can do wonders when it comes to soothing the soul.  With giving comes personal growth and development. 

Look for an opportunity to help needy at this hour, be a contribution of food items, clothing, an advance to your driver / maid, old school books to servant’s child, anything that you can spare voluntarily.  You will feel in yourself a different person once you share and will stay healthy from within.


Spend time in Nature – Though the lockdown is in place in your respective cities, try to connect yourself with nature.  If you have garden, indulge yourself in garden related activities.  Spend some quality time with Nature.  Since there is almost no traffic on the roads, listen the chirping of various birds in your vicinity.  Last time when did you hear koooo of Koel in the afternoon hours.

Let’s get the maximum benefit of this global situation (lockdown due to coronavirus) and turn ourselves a healthier individual to serve our family and our society in a more productive manner.

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