Experts opinion on how to live longer

how to live longer

Due to the changing environment and changing habits, People are not living longer. Life’s of humans have been reduced due to extreme pollution, global warming, technology exposure and many more factors.

Experts have suggested these factors that may help in increasing the overall life. According to research, People who followed the tips have lived 15 years longer than the people who did not adopt the lifestyle.

Here are some factors that will help you live longer

  • Exercise

It is the ultimate factor if you want to love long. Humans are born to hunt, run and survive. Due to evolution, we have adapted this lifestyle that is safe and balanced. Our bodies need to move, to keep the blood pumping. Its never too late to start any form of exercise. You can do Yoga, Sports, Gyming, Normal walking or any other form of physical activity.

  • Meditation

It is the most recommended factor we could suggest. It calms the state of mind, reduce stress, and keeps the body young and focused. Stress can also affect your hair quality. Know how stress can affect your hair

  • Diet

Diet goes hand in hand with Exercise. Eat good and stay fit. Reduce your junk intake. Stop smoking or any alcohol activities and follow a balanced diet. It is good for your heart and overall body growth

  • Sleep

Studies have also found, that people who sleep more lives longer. Your body needs sleep to repair the muscles and state of mind. Turn off your lights and have a peaceful sleep

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