How stress can affect your hair


It is true that taking stress can make your hair colour grey or even lead to hair fall. Your Locks can lose colours when you are stressed.

Taking stress leads to loss of the colour pigment of the stem cells of the hair, according to scientific research.

The stems cells are found near the hair follicles. They contain a special cell called Melanocytes which is responsible for giving colour such as black, brown, orange and yellow to the hair and skins. To give the colour the stems cells has to differentiate. The speed of differentiation between cells without taking the stress and having a free mind is normal.

When you take stress, the stem cells differentiate on a faster rate which exhausts them and they stop producing colours and give a transparent look to the hair follicle, which indeed is grey in colour.

Also the organ of the body, the nervous system is responsible for taking action against the threats, Taking stress can also exhaust the nervous system and may lead to more grey hair. This report has been researched by Harvard University.

Tips to stop greying of hair

Stop Taking Stress!


It’s the most major factor if you want to stop greying of hair. As explained in the above paragraph, how stress plays a role in greying, You should consider having a free mind and doing something productive every time to free your stress

Oiling is the key


Conditioning your hair with proper oil such as coconut oil, almond or amla oil is the best thing you can do to protect your hair. It goes for a long run and keeps your hair healthy

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle with proper meditation and physical activities is the key to best hair health. A proper healthy diet containing protein, omega 3 is also required. You can also take Biotin supplements and Vitamin D tablets.

Follow these steps and you can achieve Beautiful and Healthy hair like Bollywood Actress Nutan

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