Hot Milk or Cold Milk: Which One Is Better For Health


Be it Hot or Cold, we all love Milk. It is one of the best sources of calcium, that is available in nearly every household. A single glass of milk can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs to conquer the day.

But what is the ideal way of consuming milk? Should you drink Hot Milk or Cold Milk?

Advantages of Hot Milk

hot milk

1.      Better Digestion

People who have digestion problems must consume hot milk. Hot Milk eases the digestion and avoids any stomach problems.

2.      Helps in Losing weight

Milk is the most natural source of Protein. It can be consumed after a workout to recover the body. Warm milk increases the metabolism of the body which in turn prevents weight gain. Many people think that they will gain weight after consuming milk. But if the milk is consumed in a limited quantity and with the right temperature then it promotes weight loss and increases muscle growth.

3.      Better Sleep

Milk Contains amino acid which relaxes the body and provides a better sleep experience. Mixing milk with honey and consuming it before sleep can cure insomnia.

4.      Better Immunity

Hot milk is really effective against any type of Cold and Cough. It provides the body with all the nutrients that it needs to fight any flu. Along with that, it also strengthens bones, which prevents injuries and possible bone break. It also affects teeth health. It is a natural immunity booster that is not that costly and is available everywhere.

Here are some delicious and healthy Hot Milk options

1.      Haldi/Turmeric Milk

haldi turmeric milk

Turmeric Milk is the best immunity drink you can consume during any season. Turmeric has vital properties to cure diseases and flu. The combination of Haldi and Milk is a deadly duo that can cure and provide relief from any disease. Haldi Milk is generally consumed with warm temperatures. It ensures that the turmeric is properly dissolved in the water and the body can get full nutrients and benefits.

2.      Hot Chocolate Milk

hot chocolate milk

The best winter drink of all time. Hot Chocolate Milk can be made by mixing natural Cocoa in the milk. Chocolate reduces stress and elevates mood. This drink can be consumed at any time. You can also use Hershey Syrup to make hot chocolate milk.

3.      Honey and Cinnamon Milk

honey and cinnamon milk

Honey and Cinnamon Milk is a combination of two major ingredients that have numerous health benefits. This milk reduces the chance of heart disease, good for skin, reduces the chances of cancer, and helps in aiding inflammation.

4.      Healthy Oat Meal

healthy oat meal

If you are on a budget and you need a great meal that can fulfill your protein requirements. Then Oatmeal is perfect for you. It is made by cooking oats and milk together. It is a great delicious dish that can be served in breakfast or either lunch. It is a proper meal. You can even add some Peanut Butter and bananas to make it more nutritious.

Advantages of Cold Milk

cold milk

1.      Keeps the body hydrated for a long time

It is a great refreshing drink. Drinking milk in the morning and in the evening can really add up to your overall body water level intake. It also helps in preventing dehydration problems.

2.      Good for Skin

Cold Milk is good for the skin. It provides essential nutrients and vitamins to the skin which makes your skin glow. Drinking cold milk can accelerate beard growth for men.

3.      Cures Acidity Problems

Milk contains lactic acid that helps in reducing the inflammation level of the body. To have the best benefits, consume Honey and Cinnamon Milk, you will instantly feel the relief.

4.      Increases Metabolism

Increased Metabolism helps in burning fat. If you have a high metabolism, then it means that your body digests food at much faster rates and helps you in losing weight. Drinking Milk can increase the level of Metabolism in the body.

Some delicious Cold Milk options

1.      Cold Coffee

cold coffee

It is one of the best drinks you can consume. Cold Coffee can be made by mixing the coffee in Cold milk for 2 minutes, you can also add some sugar or honey if you are a health freak. It will keep you awake and productive throughout the day.

2.      Cereals


It is the most popular and most consumed breakfast in the world. It is rich in fiber and can really fulfill you. You can mix the Cold Milk with Chocos Flakes or Kellogg’s. Through some Bananas or strawberries to make it more tasty and nutritious.

3.      Banana Shake

banana shake

It is the most healthy drink you can consume after a workout. This drink can fulfill your daily protein requirements, helps you in gaining weight. Simple mix 2 bananas with a glass of Cold Milk. Add some almonds and honey to make it more nutritious.

Hot milk or Cold milk?

hot milk or cold milk

There is no doubt that both types of milk comes with numerous health benefits and plays an important role in keeping a person healthy. Here are some basic factors that can be considered while comparing the two popular choices of milk.

1.      Season

This is the most important factor while considering the competition. Summer Season is a great time to drink cold milk. It will keep the body hydrated and can keep the body cool during the day. People generally prefer consuming Hot Milk During the Winters, as it brings warmth, major health benefits and increases the temperature of the body. It also cures the flu that winter brings and will boost immunity.

2.      Taste

Some people like to consume shakes, while some like the warmness the warm milk brings. It’s up to your body’s taste and requirements.

3.      Time

According to research, Night is the best time to consume Warm Milk, as it induces better sleep and is good for throat and immunity. Cold Milk must be consumed during the daytime.

4.      Preference

If your aim is to gain weight or consume protein after a workout, you must go with cold milk after a workout, it will preserve the protein and will recovery you from your fatigue instantly. If your preference is to get rid of cold and cough, you can go with hot milk like Turmeric Milk.

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