How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy | Get Rid Of Bad Breath


Your Teeth represents your attitude, behavior, and personality. Teeth play an important role in smiling. People with bad teeth and bad breath have to hide their smile. This will cause your personality to look negative.

Here are some Teeth Exercises

Just as exercise is necessary for physical bodybuilding, in the same way, the light exercise of teeth is also necessary for the beauty, firmness, and brightness of teeth.

  1. Chew the twig brush properly
  2. To chew chickpea, eat hard things like sugar cane, munching fruits
  3. One must gargle every time after eating 4-5 times

Teeth diseases and treatment

Bad breath also plays an important factor while communicating with someone. If you have white and bright teeth and have bad breath, then people will often ignore you and will avoid you. Bad breath can be caused by eating bad odor foods such as onion etc. If you don’t brush regularly you can be the victim of bad breath.

Bad Breath can also be caused by Pyorrhea. Pyorrhea causes Bad Breath and Inflammation of gums which can also cause Tooth Loss. The main cause of tooth malaise, strangulation, or pyorrhea is: Not properly cleaning the mouth after eating. These diseases lead teeth to decay gradually.

How to get rid of Bad Breath

  1. Roasting fennel and having it three to four times a day reduces the bad breath.
  2. You must eat calcium-rich foods like milk, curd, and buttermilk. It will help prevent tooth loss due to less calcium in the body.
  3. By brushing with a very fine powder of wood charcoal, the teeth remain healthy.
  4. Triphala, Trikuta, Manjufal, Majith, and Tritiya Kahi are beneficial. Toast the toothpick and use it in the above items, it stops shaking of the teeth.
  5. Applying turmeric, cloves, fennel, madder, Tejbal, paan and any cutaneous thing helps in providing relief from tooth pain and bleeding.
  6. Eating tomatoes and apples daily helps in preventing bad mouth.
  7. After meals, chewing basil leaves reduces bad breath from the mouth. Along with this, take some cardamom seeds.
  8. Roasted cumin seeds can get rid of bad breath of the mouth.
  9. Boil pomegranate, oranges, lemons, apples, tomatoes, carrots, turnips, and filter the water. Gargle daily with this water and there will be no bad breath from the mouth.

How to Maintain the Beauty of Teeth?

how to make teeth white

Here are some steps that you can follow to make your teeth more white and brighter. Follow the tips everyday to get desired results

  • Soak the neem or acacia twig in water and brush with it in the morning.
  • Cover the almond peels after burning them, then on the second day, add some rock salt and alum to the ash and use it as a paste. This will prove to be healthy for your teeth.
  • After drying the lemon and orange peel, grind it to make the brine and put four to five drops of mustard oil and lemon and use it as a paste. The teeth will glow like pearls.
  • Powder of Haritaki can also be used as a powder.
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