Best Example of Presence of Mind

best example for presence of mind

In Aurangabad, a lady at the age of 22 years went under seizure to deliver twins. When she delivered the twin babies, there was a slight complication. Her body could not make blood clots as a result she had to face a severe blood loss.

Even after putting the best of their efforts, doctors could not help her with blood loss. After being disappointed from their treatment failure in stopping the blood, they decided to remove the uterus of the lady completely in order to save her life.

In this intense situation, a senior nurse named Naineswari Ghadke came in and analyzed the situation. She was one of the senior most staff and was associated with hospital for past 11 years. After she analyzed, she suggested something that just worked and made everything look at ease.

Here’s what she suggested

No matter how much she bleeds, let her breastfeed the baby. In such an emergency situation everyone found this suggestion as waste of time.

However, when the lady started to breastfeed her child the bleeding stopped. Everyone was shocked to see what just happened. Further when she was asked about this treatment in detail, she explained that “At the time of breastfeeding, women’s body releases a hormone called oxytocin which in making clot in their blood.”

In addition to this she also mentioned that she learned this 11 years ago while she was studying nursing. We found this an excellent example of “Presence of Mind” as she used her knowledge at right time which saved women’s life.

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