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There is a healthy and positive relationship between health and beauty. Fruits and vegetables are essential for good health, their use as cosmetics is also helpful if you want to maintain good health. Artificial makeup was not available in the ancient era. Therefore, women used to apply makeup with natural cosmetics as soon as they reached the threshold of puberty. Beauty experts have proved that natural cosmetics are better than artificial cosmetics.

Top 12 Natural Foods that will increase your Beauty


Banana: If the skin of the face is dry, mash a banana and apply its pulp to your face by mixing two drops of glycerin and one or two drops of rose water and apply it on your face. Wash with water after a while.


Apple: For oily skin, peel and grate the apple. Apply it on the face and let it dry for half an hour, then wash it. Apple makes the skin healthy.


Orange: After drying the orange peels in the shade, make a powder of it and make a paste by adding cream. Apply it on the face to make the skin clean and shiny. To get soft and balsamic skin, boil the orange peels in water for a while, and then apply.


Watermelon: If the skin burns due to sunstroke, then rubbing it on small pieces of watermelon absorbs all the heat of the skin.


Lemon: Lemon has an important role in maintaining our beauty. Consuming lemon juice daily with honey and warm water helps to maintain good health. By taking a balanced amount of lemon juice, the body remains organized, alive, and active. Lemon is also important in keeping the body young. Rubbing lemon on the skin with stained spots clears the skin.

Adding lemon juice to the water while washing hair leads to the shiny hairs. Make a paste by mixing a small amount of cream and lemon juice in oat flour. Apply this paste on the face, neck, hands, and feet and leave it after a while. The skin color becomes clear with this.

Prepare lotion in a bottle by adding a few drops of glycerin and rose water to the lemon juice. Apply it on the face, hands, and feet before sleeping at night. This cleans skin stains and softens the skin. In winter, the skin does not get dry by using this lotion. Even after shampoo, if the hairs remain oily, squeeze lemon juice in a mug of water and wash it. Put the lemon peel under the elbows and sit for a while. Redness and retailing of elbows will be reduced. Lemon is also used to increase the shine of nails.


Tomato: To make facial skin soft and clean, apply one spoon of lemon juice mixed with one spoon of tomato juice.


Carrot: Carrot is a nutritious vegetable and also enhances beauty. To make the skin attractive, apply a paste made by boiling carrots, on the face for a while.


Cucumber: Cucumber has an important role in maintaining and enhancing beauty. Grind cucumber and apply it under the eyes and the natural glow can be maintained in the skin. Rub cucumber pulp to clean facial wrinkles. Rubbing cucumber pieces on the eyes in summer provides relief to the eyes. The use of cucumbers can prevent acne, blackheads, and dryness of the face.


Mint: Apply the juice of mint leaves on the face before going to bed at night and wash your face after getting up in the morning. It is useful in reducing acne spots.

sweet potato

Sweet potato: By putting some drops of lemon in the remaining water of boiled sweet potato. You can cure crack ankles with this formula.


Spinach: Wash and boil it, wash the skin with its water. Excess of iron will cause the skin to glow.


Potatoes: Potato juice keeps the body’s skin clean. Peel and grind potatoes to clean dark circles under the eyes. Make a bundle of peeled potatoes in a cloth and tie them to the eyes and sleep. Apply it once a month to remove all kinds of dark circles.

Potato is called the king of vegetables. But its use is not limited to the kitchen. Now potato is also used as a cosmetic. Potato is very beneficial for dry skin. Boiled potatoes are good for this. First of all, mash the boiled potatoes, and then mix them with whipped cream. Apply this mixture as a mask on dry skin. Wash face after ten-fifteen minutes. It nourishes the skin. Acne is also cured by rubbing boiled potato peels on the face.
Similarly, after washing the peel of potato, rub it on the face at night and wash your face after getting up in the morning. By doing this regularly, black spots are removed from the face.
Rub raw potato pieces on them to get rid of cheeks and nose spots. This will be beneficial.

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