How To Get Soft, Beautiful And Radiating Skin

Get fair skin tone

The most misleading fact in the world is that the Fair skin is a symbol of beauty. A healthy skin no matter what color, represents true beauty. 

Dark-colored skin is healthier than white skin. Wrinkles and freckles reduce the outbreaks on age, and the effect of age is less. It is also less likely for dark skin to be harmed by sunlight. By taking proper care of such skin, it can be naturally beautified.

Following are the measures to make your skin soft and beautiful:

  1. Dry the orange peel and grind it. Then grind one almond and mix half a teaspoon of orange peel powder in it. Now mix some drops of water in the palm and rub it upwards and massage it daily. This experiment will improve the complexion.
  2. Make a paste by mixing almond powder, yogurt, yeast, Multani soil, and rose water. Now massage the skin with this paste. 
  3. Grind two almonds, add a few drops of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice, and apply it on the skin and wash it off after drying. This will also give your skin a glow.
  4. Applying dew on the face increases the beauty of the face and keeps the skin soft.
  5. Grind Chiraunji, add to milk, and apply it on the face two or three times, it improves skin color.
  6. Grind almond kernel in milk and apply it on the face, it increases beauty.
  7. Mix one egg, one lemon juice, three teaspoons of soybean, one teaspoon milk powder, apply this pack on the face and wash it after drying. Use before bathing. 
  8. Mix barley and wheat flour and apply it on the face. It helps to clean the face.
  9. Make a paste by mixing a little raw milk, a pinch of turmeric in gram flour, and use it on the skin before bathing. Your skin will glow.
  10. In addition to having a dark complexion, if the skin is dry, apply a moisturizer after deep cleansing the face before sleeping at night and wipe it after half an hour with a wet spray.
  11. Mixing a spoonful of almond rogan lemon juice and a few drops of rose water in raw milk and applying it on the skin of face and neck every night, gradually improves the color of the skin. The use of honey is good for dark skin.

Some Other Household Face Packs


Let these face packs remain on the face for about 5 minutes and then wash them off.

  1. Face pack of Arhar dal: Prepare ground Arhar dal by grinding it with curd. Apply this face pack on the face and after drying, massage the oil and clean it slowly.
  2. Gram flour pack: Mix three spoons curd, four drops honey, and glycerin in one teaspoon gram flour and wash it after drying on the skin.
  3. Pack of mint: Grind the leaves of mint and mix a little turmeric and gram flour in it. This best face pack is ready for face nutrition.
  4. Pack of lentils: Soak lentil’s pulse in water and grind it after adding raw milk and wash this pack after drying. This will prove to be the best face pack for oily skin.
  5. Pack of castor: Gram flour, barley flour, one in castor oil. Make a face pack by adding a pinch of turmeric and glycerin.
  6. Pack of nutmeg: Grind nutmeg in milk and apply it on the face like a pack. Wash when dry.
  7. Face pack of vegetables: Grind equal quantity of cucumber, gourd, mix curd or milk cream in it and apply it on the face like a pack. After drying, gently crush and wash with lukewarm water. This will give good skin nutrition.
  8. Butter Pack: Whisk a little butter and honey in water and apply it on the face. The use of this pack will improve the skin as well as dryness.

If you adopt any of the above suggestions, I sincerely hope that you will see a change in your skin. Those who are allergic to egg use or anything else, should not use those ingredients including milk and curd. The juice of any fruit can also be used to dissolve the pack.

Face packs should be applied to the entire face and neck except for the eyes. Lay the round pieces of roasted soaked flowers or cucumbers on the eyes and lie down comfortably. Do not smile or talk until the face pack is applied, otherwise, there is a fear of wrinkles. 

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