How to Apply Makeup: A Complete Step By Step Guide


The most attractive and influential part of your personality is your face. A well-done makeup, adds to your beauty enhancement. Makeup transforms a simple face into a beautiful picture.

Youth is a period of natural beauty. But with age, there are many changes in the face which are expected. Therefore, the secret of good skin is the right attitude towards life. Balanced use of proper cosmetics is also very important to keep the skin balsamic and elastic.

Makeup expert, Mickey Cotractor says that facial skincare should be done carefully because the face is the greatest source of beauty. If the skin is dry, then appropriate cream and other aliphatic substances should be used according to the weather, environment, and occasion.

Along with the use of make-up for beauty enhancement, removing or cleaning makeup is also an integral part of this art. According to Mickey Cotractor, “Skin cleansing is very important to remove stale make-up“. Glow can be brought through makeup only on clean and healthy skin. Good cleansing cream is often helpful in achieving the natural look of the skin. After this, toning from skin freshener gives positive results. A cotton pad soaked in cold freshener helps in making the skin shiny in a short time. With its help, the skin can be prepared for makeup in a short time. “

Makeup base: Foundation

makeup foundation

Foundations are used to flatten facial skin. The foundation should be applied on the face first, before makeup. Deep cleansing of the face must be done before applying the foundation. Foundation cream, along with being the base of makeup, helps hide any blemishes of the skin such as facial acne, pimples, and scars, and the face appears clean, soft, and vibrant.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the foundation

  1. Do not test it by putting it on the wrist while making the choice.
  2. Apply a drop on the forehead and choose the foundation according to the tone of your face.

Application method

To use, take a small amount in the left palm and apply it on the face with fingers of the right hand. If you want, you can apply it with cotton, but before use, wet the cotton swab with rose water. Apply on the face as well as the neck, otherwise, there will be a difference in the color of the skin of the neck and face which will look ugly. If you want to maintain elasticity then the foundation should be applied from the bottom upwards.

When it gets soaked in the skin and gets dry, then other cosmetics of makeup should be applied. If the skin is dry, apply glycerin with cotton wool on the face before applying foundation and if the skin is oily, apply a few drops of rose water or lemon juice to the estrogen lotion. After applying the foundation, remove the wasted foundation by tissue paper.

Two shades of the foundation should be purchased – one resembles the color of the skin, the other is slightly darker. The shape of the face can be changed by the foundation. If the face is round, apply a dark foundation. Apply a dark-colored shawl on the chin on the jaws on the square and diamond-shaped face. When the skin color under the eyes is suppressed, apply a dark-colored shed here. Dark circles and thickets under the eyes can be hidden by a light-colored shade.

If the nose is wide, then put a relatively dark foundation shade on both sides of the nose. Having a double chin, it can be shown to be balanced by using a dark color on its inner part. When the chin is small, it can be elevated by a light-colored foundation shade. If the bones of the cheeks are embossed, then apply a deep foundation shed on their lower part. Using the foundation in the right amount, thus you can hide facial defects and create an aura in it as you wish.

Important things to keep in mind when using the foundation

  1. Always apply foundation on clean skin.
  2. Choose a cream foundation containing lanolin for dry skin.
  3. Lanolin-free liquid foundation or vanishing cream is appropriate for oily skin.
  4. Buy face powder in the shade of or even lighter than the foundation. Never choose deep shade powder from the foundation.
  5. The shade of the foundation should be one shade darker than your skin.
  6. Make-up must be cleaned before sleeping, otherwise, the foundation particles will be filled in the pores of the skin.

Proper use of cream

makeup cream

The cream is an important cosmetic to maintain the beauty of the skin. This gives an oily layer to the skin that keeps the skin cells covered and prevents the skin from becoming dry. Choose a cream that suits your skin. Buy good quality creams as inferior cosmetics prove harmful to the skin. Always apply the cream from bottom to top. This causes skin tightness and elasticity in the skin.

Good cleansing cream is often helpful in achieving the natural appearance of the skin. After bathing every day, facial skin should be cleaned with cleansing cream or lotion. By this, the dirt, dust mites, and other stains of the skin are cleared in the pores. The cream should be applied on the face as well as on the neck and other open parts of the body. In summer, it is advisable to use a lotion on the skin to avoid strong sunlight and sun. It should be cleaned before sleeping at night.

Use of Rouge

Rouge is used after the foundation is applied to the skin of the face. Rouge brightens the cheeks and makes the face healthy and filled with a dazzling glow. This makes the skin color of the cheeks look natural and attractive. Apply roses that look natural. It is advisable to apply light rouge in the day and deep in the night.

Rouge often has three types: 1. liquid, 2. cream, 3. cake. Liquid and cream Rouge is applied after applying the foundation and before applying the powder. While the Rouge available in the form of a cake is used after applying the powder, choose the rouge according to the facial skin. Use light-colored Rouge when the skin color is fair, and the use of dark Rouge is appropriate when the skin color is dark.

The facial texture is closely related to the way Rouge is used. Its balance hides the faults of the face. First, you check the shape of your face, and then apply Rouge. Laugh a little before applying the rouge. Rouge the part of your cheeks that rise slightly. Do not spread the Rouge beyond the corner of the eye by applying it on the cheek triangle.

Rouge on an Oval face: While applying Rouge on an oval face, spread the Rouge towards the nose. This will make the face look longer. The roundness will be hidden. Apply the Rouge slightly above the cheekbone.

Rouge on the square face: On the square face, apply the Rouge down on the cheek and spread it upwards and outwards. Reducing this will give a balanced touch. Yes, apply a bit of rouge on the chin so that the face looks elliptical. Keep in mind to not use rouge in large amounts, it ends the natural beauty.

Correct use of Face Powder

correct use of face powder

Face powder has an important place in making face skin smooth, and attractive. Powder and foundation must be purchased in matching order. Apply face powder only after the foundation is dry. The powder is available in two forms – Powder and the form of cakes. Do not use the powder in cake form, because oil is mixed in the cake. Hence, while applying the powder gently on the face with light hands, apply the powder on your hand from bottom to top as well as on the neck.

After applying the powder, see that it has an essence and let it set on the face, and then you should clean the excess powder. Gently brush the skin with a powder brush or cotton pad towards the work. If the powder goes to the eyebrows, eyelids, hair, etc., then clean it with eye brush.

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