Learn How To Apply Ear Makeup To Look Even More Beautiful


Ear Makeup has become an important process to define and enhance beauty. Let’s learn about the process and methods to apply this type of makeup.

Even if the ears remain hidden in the hair for some time, do not neglect the makeup of ears. The makeup tone of the face should match with the tone of ears so that they look the same whenever the part is revealed.

While applying makeup, first spread the foundation on the face, neck, and ears as points and spread it well. Slowly apply the foundation with the fingers towards the inside of the ears. Then apply a small part on the neck and ears. While applying Rouge on the face, also turn a slight Rouge Brush on the ears.

Ear Makeup According to Face Type

  • Due to the widening of the cheekbones on the square face, the cheeks look heavy and the ears appear small, to make the ears longer, apply a light foundation on the sides of the ears. With the help of a brush, apply the rouge in length between the two sides.
  • Long face: The long face makes the ears thin. To make the ears wider, keep the foundation deep in the middle and slightly lighter on the sides of the cheeks outside the ears. Give the foundation line slightly below the ears. Apply the rouge only slightly to the width at the bottom edge.
  • Triangular face: If the forehead is short and the chin is wide, then the ears also look small. To make it look longer, apply a foundation, and touch the cheek on its outer edges, and then add a slight brush of Rouge from ear to chin.
  • Pear face: If the forehead is wide, the cheeks look squashed and the ears look long. To make the ears look shorter, give a light foundation between the ears and a deep foundation line at the edges. But mix the two together in such a way that the foundation spots do not appear. Apply the Rouge only in the middle.
  • Often, women complain of redness and swollen ears after wearing fake jewelry. Pus also comes out from the ears due to swelling. If there is a slight wound on the ears, then the doctor should treat it immediately. Fake jewelry should also be worn only for a while because the skin of the ears is very sensitive and unable to resist. Due to this reason, such jewelry cause skin allergy.
  • If the ear is swollen or aching by wearing tops, then before applying make-up, apply a small amount of Boroline or any antiseptic cream and massage it on the pores of both ears for a minute. If there is pus, wear gold or silver ornaments.
  • Always disinfect the area with Dettol or spirit before wearing forks or tops. Even after removing the tops, disinfect the ears with a Dettol solution.
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