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In today’s era, everyone wants to look beautiful The desire for beauty is a natural hobby of man. This quality is found to be strong in women. Every effort is made to make the body attractive to look beautiful. In today’s era, women and dressing have become synonymous with each other.

Women have been able to concentrate on grooming and men on bodybuilding. Not from today, this practice has been going on since ancient times. The materials obtained from the excavation of Harappa and Mohan-Jodaro puts light on cosmetics. Combs was used to decorating the hair. For the beauty of the eyes, people used to put an Anjan in their eyes.

cosmetic types

In the modern era, the setting up of beauty parlors and salon in cities is rapidly developing for taking care of physical beauty and proper maintenance of the body, but in today’s busy life, it is not only difficult but expensive to go to the beauty parlor for housewives because of the lack of time. Every beauty-loving woman usually has beauty-related complaints. This article has been composed keeping in view the beauty problems.

Through this article, you can find out about the entire modern cosmetics of the modern age sitting at home. For cosmetics: herbal, i.e. namely herbs, flora, household use items.

Essential ingredients for cosmetics

cosmetic ingredients

Through the article presented, we are giving you information about makeup, so for the proper maintenance of the cosmetics for makeup, firstly the dressing table is required. In this, you can save all your cosmetics. The things of beauty cosmetics will be easily found due to being kept in one place and time will not be lost in searching.

You do not have to buy expensive dressing tables. A shelf and a large mirror can meet your needs. All the make-up material can be kept in the shelf and the mirror will be seen while doing makeup. Bedrooms are a suitable place to put a dressing table for convenience.

Special care should be taken of light while applying makeup. The dressing table should be placed in a place where sufficient light comes. It would be appropriate if light comes from behind the mirror of the dressing table so that there is no discomfort while looking at the face and the correct result of the makeup can be understood. You may need makeup at night, for this, put a bulb on top of the mirror as mentioned above, it is necessary to have enough light for makeup.

Before applying makeup, the mirror should be cleaned with a wet cloth, and then wiped with a dry cloth. Cleanliness should be such that the glass does not remain stained. Keep the most commonly used beauty material on the right side and sometimes the material used can be placed on the left side or in the drainage. Keep the front part completely empty.

If you are able to buy precious dressing table, then the color and design of the sunmica in it should match the bed in the bedroom. Similarly, buy brushes and combs of the same color, this will increase ambiance of your bedroom. The glass of the dressing table should be of a good quality, only then can the fine imperfections of makeup appear on the skin and you will be able to remove them. It is better to get dressing table with three glasses as it is very useful. You can easily see your combed hair and hairstyle in the mirror during hairstyle.

Make a stool that matches the color of the dressing table. Its height should be in proportion to the height of the dressing table. This will allow you to sit. As far as possible, place the stool in front of the dressing table, if there is a shortage of space, place it where appropriate. If the dressing table is not available, the mirror can also be used for hanging on the wall, but keep in mind that the mirror should be hung at such a height that the face is clearly visible when standing upright. The description and information related to major cosmetics are as follows.

Before applying cosmetics, you must know and determine your Skin Type, just to make sure you are not allergic to any of the cosmetics.

Brief Description of the Cosmetics that can prove to be helpful in improving the appearance:

Cosmetic uses
  1. Cleansing Milk: It is a liquid like milk which is helpful in cleaning the skin by removing the particles of dirt and dirt on the skin. It is rubbed slowly by applying cotton swabs or sponges on the facial skin. Later it is cleaned with the help of Tissue paper or cotton. All the scum of the face comes in the swabs. It is proved more useful for oily skin.
  2. Cleansing Cream: It also acts like cleansing milk. Women with dry skin tend to use this. This is applied with the help of finger tip on the face and other parts with wrinkles. As its clear with its name ‘Cleansing’ is applied for the purpose of cleansing before application of makeup on the face.
  3. Skin Tonic: As its name suggests, Skin Tonic means skin food. It makes the skin smooth and soft. It is a fluid. By applying it, the face should be thoroughly cleaned with cleansing milk. Later it is applied on the face with cotton swabs. Its main function is to close facial pores so that the cosmetics do not penetrate the skin. Cosmetics can damage the skin by reaching inside the skin. It helps in clearing dry skin. Applying it on the chin, upper lip, nose does not cause sweating.
  4. Bleaching Cream: The use of this cream enhances the color of sooty and beige skin. Keep in mind that those who have delicate skin should use it only once a month and those who have hard skin can also use it twice a month.
  5. Nourishing Cream: Dry skin is cured with the use of this cream. It keeps the skin firm. It can also be applied on hands and feet. With its use, the hands and feet remain soft. It is somewhat less oily. Its use is more beneficial in summer season.
  6. Cold Cream: It soothes the skin and softens the beauty of the face. It can be used both day and night. If your skin is dry, then rub it on your face and hands and feet at night. The skin will not look dry or dry after getting up in the morning.
  7. Vanishing Cream: Using this cream you can cleanse dirt from your skin and give it a glow. Vanishing cream is best for those who have large pores and skin.
  8. Astringent Lotion: It is a liquid substance. It should be used in the summer season. Its function is to close the pores of the cleaned face. If the cleansed skin follicles are not closed, then the cosmetics can also damage the skin by entering the follicles. Initially there is a slight burning sensation. It removes blackheads. It is considered good for oily skin. It is applied on the face with cotton swabs.
  9. Foundation Cream: Foundations are applied to provide radiance to the face. This liquid, cream, stick is available in three forms. It is used as a base to flatten the skin before starting makeup. It is found in both dark and light shades. Buy it as per the match your skin. It should be applied on the face and garnet with the help of finger tips. Its use gives makeup a natural look.
  10. Moisturizer: It is like white cream. It is applied on the face with the help of finger tips. White spots appearing on dry skin are hidden from it. Its base adds shine to the makeup.
  11. Eye Cream: Eye cream is applied on the surrounding skin of the eyes. Rubbing it on the skin around the eyes keeps the skin from wrinkles and freckles. It is used in small amounts.
  12. Face Powder: After applying the foundation, powder is applied on the face. Applying powder when the foundation is dry does not let foundation stick on the face. The powder is available in two forms, dry and frozen. They are available in various colors like white, light pink and skin. Buy matching powder and foundation only.
  13. Compact: Frozen powder is called compact. It can be carried in a purse while going out. You can keep the makeup fresh for a longer time by tapping it after a short time.
  14. Rouge: Rouge is used to bring color to the face. It gives glow to cheeks and gives face healthy and beauty shade. It is found in all three forms: stick, creamy and tikki in a small box. Creamy is applied with finger tips and tikki with puff. Apply a light shade in the day and a dark shade at night.
  15. Eyeliner: By drawing a fine line under and above the eyelids, it enhances the beauty of the eyes. It is planted with the help of Brush.
  16. Eye Brush: With the help of this, hair of eyebrows is dyed. They come in different sizes.
  17. Mascara: Mascara is used to make the hair of the eyelids beautiful and black and clear. It is black, brownish blue in color. Before applying it, water should be added to it.
  18. Eye shadow: This not only affects the color of the eyes but gives a new twist to the natural eye and expression.
  19. Fixer: It is applied on the roots of fake baronies so that it sticks to the roots of the real baronies.
  20. Kajal and Sarma: Kajal is a completely Indian cosmetic. It is used to keep eyes beautiful, attractive and healthy.
  21. Lipstick: Pinkness of lips is a symbol of the purity of good healthy blood. Lipstick is used to make lips appear beautiful and healthy. It is available in a variety of colors.
  22. Lip brush: Lipstick should be applied on lips with the help of lip brush. With the help of this, you can give the right shape to your lips.
  23. Lip gloss: It is applied on top of lipstick. It adds shine to lipstick. It is mainly found in three colors – red, brown, dark brown. Since it is a darker color, always on thick colored lipstick is applied.
  24. Tissue paper: It is soft, white paper-like. It is used to wipe excess face cream and eye cream for eyes.
  25. Hand Lotion: Hands often crack in the winter season. Torn hands can be made soft, beautiful by applying hand lotion. This makes the skin glow. Hand lotion can also be used to heal the cracked skin of the feet.
  26. Wax: It is a type of liquid condensed matter. It is both hot and cold. By its use, unnecessary hair of arms and legs is removed.
  27. Nail-Polish: It is a liquid used to color nail. It is available in a variety of colors in the market – even in white. Dark-colored nail polish can be lightened by white-colored nail polish. The nail polish should always be fitted with matching clothes. For nail polish tp appear on nails for long, the topcoat must be applied.
  28. Nail Remover: It is used to rid nail polish. The second color will not emerge on one color of the nail polish, so the color applied first is touched by the nail remover so that the color of the desired nail polish will bloom properly.
  29. Shampoo: Washing hair with shampoo gives them new shine and life. Washing of hair after shampoo does not require any other item.
  30. Cotton wool: It is used to apply nail polish remover to the nails, apply a foundation, apply foundation, lighten makeup, and apply them together.
  31. Orange Stick: A small stick made of this wood can easily clean the dirt filled with nails. Nail polish spread around nails is cleaned by wrapping cotton on an orange stick and soaking it in nail polish remover, then removing excess nail polish.
  32. Hair Brush: It is used for grooming hair. While purchasing the comb, take special care that its wires are round from the front.
  33. Heber Thin Rollers: It has an important place in hairstyle. It is inlaid and set by a hairpin. Cut hair is decorated in various ways with the help of rollers. Hairs are curled with the help of rollers.
  34. Hair Spray: After hairs are set, hair spray freezes and does not let hairstyle deteriorate. It should be used only on special occasions like celebrations.
  35. Bindi: Just like putting a zero in front of a digit makes the number ten times, similarly, after applying the face, the dot on the forehead increases the beauty of the face tenfold. Bindiya is not only for beauty but also a symbol of marriage. Bindi is available in the market in two forms –
    1. Wet point
    2. Drypoint

The Bindi that matches the clothes looks very beautiful. Especially the red colored round blossom on everyone’s forehead.

  1. Deodorant Lotion: It is used for the prevention of armpit sweating. It is a fragrant substance. After bathing, use it to make the armpit. This will prevent your body odor.
  2. Perfume: It is a fragrant substance. It is sprayed behind the ear, around the throat, elbow, etc. after complete makeup.
  3. Khizab: It is used to dye white hair black.

This was the basic cosmetic list of categories one must know to enhance their beauty. It is essential for everyone to know about these products so that they know the purpose of every product. After getting the knowledge of beauty cosmetics, it is very important to know about your skin before using the cosmetics.

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