Bindi: Adornment of Forehead


Bindi is a dot worn between eyebrows. No outfit or Dress can be complete without placing bindi on the forehead. The beauty of the face is doubled by applying the beautiful dot on the forehead. It does not only add to the beauty but also act as a symbol of happiness, good luck, and purity. Like a sindoor, It is also a sign of marriage for a woman.

In ancient times, sandalwood and holy ash were used as Bindi. In the modern cosmetics era, it is in the form of liquid, pencils. The color and shape should be chosen according to the texture of the clothes and face.

Shapes such as long lining, horizontal slant lining, crescent triangle, hexagon, small point bindi’s around a big point square bindi, etc. are the most popular form of the bindi.

Lean How To Apply Bindi For Every Face Type

  • Applying a lining bindi on the small forehead gives the appearance of a large forehead. Similarly, applying a large round bindi on the broad forehead makes the forehead appear filled.
  • The red bindi looks attractive on the light color skin complexion while the sandal, yellow and pink bindi blossom on the dark skin complexion. Light red bindi blossoms on the fair color complexion. It is best to apply big ones if your eyes are big. People with smaller eyes should go with a small bindi.
  • It is also closely related to a woman’s height. For example, a woman of long stature should wear a round dot and a woman of short height should wear a Columbia Bindi.
  • If the forehead is broad, then it should be placed in the middle of the forehead. If the forehead is small, the bindi should be placed between two eyebrows.
  • In winters, the dark colors should be used at night, while in summer, light colors are used. The color of the Bindi should match with the color of the clothes. If the color does not match with the clothes, then it would be best to apply a red color bindi.
  • It is necessary for older women to choose a thick colored bindi, It is a long followed tradition in India.
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