Beauty of Eyes: Eyebrow Shapes, Makeup, Message, Exercises


The beauty of the eyes is the most important factor if you want to look mesmerizing and insanely pretty. Beautiful big eyes enhance the beauty of the face. It has two sides: 

  • The shape of the eyebrows 
  • The beauty of the eyes

Eyebrow: Shapes

eyebrow shape

To give a beautiful shape to the eyes, eyebrows should be made according to the face. Never use a razor to give shape to eyebrows. Tweezers or Threading is considered best for shaping them because pulling hair with tweezers makes hair roots thick. An antiseptic or lotion must be applied during threading. It provides relief in skin irritation.

Apply talcum powder with cotton wool on the surrounding skin before threading. This will make the skin soft and dry and the thread will run smoothly. If it pains while threading, wet the eyebrows with lukewarm water. Then massage with Vaseline or cold cream one or two minutes, then apply brush on the eyebrows so that the hair gets settled or unwanted hair is not visible. Remove them to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows. Applying fine coal ash on the eyebrows also reduces the pain by 80 percent while doing the eyebrows.

Threading should start from near the upper end of the nose above the eyes, towards the outer edge of the eyes. Unravel the upper hairs of the ends of the eyebrows first, and then down the middle, this gives a good effect. Eyebrows should not be too thick. It should be slightly dense from the middle and light and slightly bent at the edge.

Shaping the eyebrows according to the texture of the face increases the beauty.

  1. Elliptical Face: The small (according to the length of the eyes) eyebrow on the elliptical face is dense in the middle, this adds to the beauty of the face.
  2. Round face: On the round face, the long and finely inclined eyebrows from the sides look beautiful.
  3. Square face: On the square face, small, semicircular bowing from both sides adorns the thick heavy eyebrows. The tilt of the eyebrows should begin from the middle part.
  4. Triangular face: Triangular face has thick and straight eyebrows, but one-third of it should be bent down from the edge.
  5. Pear-shaped face: Only the straight eyebrows look beautiful on the pear-shaped face or on the wide forehead, but the eyebrows should not be elongated and should be pointed at the edge.
  6. If the nose is long, eyebrows should not be made higher than the eyes, otherwise, the eyes look small.

Eyebrow: Makeup

eyebrow makup
eyebrow makeup

Makeup gives a good effect after giving proper shape to the eyebrows. Eyebrow Pencil is a complementary beauty of eyebrows. It is available in many colors like black, brown, blue, etc. Use an eyebrow pencil of the same color as the eyebrows. Make eyebrows finely trimmed first.

Since the purpose of the eyebrow pencil is to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows, if the eyebrows are made in random direction then it can be given a uniform direction. If it is not fully grown due to some deficiency or there is a scar on its place, then it can be hidden by the use of eyebrows pencil.

Use the eyebrow pencil on the eyebrows with light hands so that the lines drawn on the skin looks natural like soft hair. Remember, do not use the eyebrows pencil so much that the face looks artificial instead of looking beautiful. After giving eyebrows an attractive shape, apply a little Vaseline or cold cream on the eyebrows so that excess Powder, etc. during the make-up on the eyebrows is removed. This will brighten the eyebrows.

Important things to note:

  1. If eyebrows get shattered, then brush them and apply cold cream to keep them organized.
  2. Practice the eyebrows exercise regularly. Raise the eyebrows in the upper direction for two minutes daily, as a result of the skin under the eyebrows does not wrinkle and the skin does not hang.
  3. Applying olive or coconut oil on eyebrows while sleeping at night gives them shine.

Eyes make-up:

eyes makeup
  • Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a liquid that is used on eyelids along with eyelashes. The eyeliner is applied as a light line by Brush. With its use, the eyes look large even when they are small. 

  • Eye shadow

Eye shadow not only affects the color of eyes but also gives a new dimension to naturalness and expression. The lighter the makeup of eye shadow, the deeper the effect will leave. With eye shadow, draw a line that touches the hair roots of the upper eyelid and rotate it towards the outside corner.

Use a light brush from the eyelids to the eyebrows to highlight the eyes. Brush dark brown shadows on the sides of both eyes. White eye shadow is also available in tube form and a powder form is applied under the eyes.

White eye shadow should be applied upwards and outwards, not below, between the eyebrows and rearing. Reduced or liquid eye shadow is applied with the help of fingertips. It is available in many colors, but the selection of eye shadow should be done as per clothes.

The eye shadow of brown, green, and olive color suits black eyes. It is advisable to apply eye shadow possibly in the evening. During the day, if you want to make your eyes glow for any special occasion like marriage etc., then apply very light eye shadow. If the eyes are more sunken then only foundation cream should be applied at that place. If the eyes are bulging then apply brown eye shadow on the upper eyelids. Fill it up to the eyebrows. This reduces the bulge of the eyes.

  • Mascara 

Eyelashes appear thick with the use of mascara. Small eyelashes can be made heavier by applying mascara. Mascara is available in black, blue, brown colors. It is applied slightly on the eyelashes with a brush from the roots of the eyelids towards the edge. The black color is more prevalent in it.

White eye shadow with black eyeliner and dark mascara looks good in the evening or at night.

Blue eyeliner and light blue mascara should be applied to blue, brown eyes during the day. While blue eyeliner, blue mascara, and blue eye shadow are more attractive in the evening, keep in mind that before going to sleep at night, the eye must be cleaned by baby oil.

Close the eyes first, then apply baby oil on the cotton wool and clean the makeup from the outer edge of the eyes towards the nose. Now clean the bottom of the eyelids with a clean cotton or cotton cloth.

  • Kajal (Collyrium)

Kajal should be used to keep eyes healthy and beautiful. Kajal is a completely ayurvedic cosmetic used since ancient times. Kajal is applied on the lower part of the eye. Apply Kajal only when you apply eyeliner. Applying kajal makes even small eyes look big.

Homemade Kajal Method: Fill pure ghee or mustard oil in a lamp and burn it. Cover with the mud bowl on it so that all the Kajal gets collected in the bowl. In the end, give two cakes of camphor smoke on it. Then add some pure ghee, collect the mascara, and keep it in the box. Homemade Kajal is best as it is organic.

Eye exercises

eye exercises

Your eyes feel tired due to being busy with some work throughout the day. Here are some eye exercises to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate them. Exercising these regularly will make your eyes look healthy and beautiful.

  1. Exercise No.1: Keep the pen approximately one foot away from the nose. Now keep both eyes on the tip of the pen. Now bring the pen with your hand slowly near the nose, but keep your eyes fixed on the tip. Repeat this exercise once and again. Do this 12 to 15 times in the morning. Weak muscles of the eyes benefit from this action.
  2. Exercise No.2: First sit in the posture of Padmasana. At a distance, one and a half yards far from the eye, Light a candle or lamp. Trees, birds, flowers should go from your attention completely. Keep your eyes focused on the flame until tears start flowing from the eyes. You can be focused on one thing such as beats, location, function, shape, type. In addition to this, the sea can be considered deeply.
  3. Rotate the eye in circular motion without moving the neck, moving right, up, left, and up respectively.
  4. Take a look at two points on a wall. The wall must be 3-4 feet away. Continue to see points without rotating neck, look at each point 10 times. Then look up and down likewise.
  5. While moving the eyeballs up, try to look at both the eyebrows. Stop for 2 seconds, then slowly come to the former state and close your eyes. Do this 3-4 times.

Eye Massage

eye massage

After working all day, the eyes feel tired. To get rid of this anxiety, massage with any good cold cream or olive oil over the eyelids.

  • Applying cream or olive oil on the eyelids, keeping the middle and ring finger in a straight manner, slipping them from the inner side of the eye to the edges with a light hand. Do this ten times.
  • Keep the index finger on the upper side of the eyebrows and the thumb under the eyebrow. With light hands, gently press the eyebrows from the inner edge to the outer edge.
  • Close the eyes and press the inner corners gently with the thumb of one hand.
  • Press the cheeks with the index fingers of both hands. It provides relief to the eyes.
  • Close eyes, place the palms on the eyelids, and press the fingers on the forehead. It gives great comfort.
  • Close your eyes for 5-7 minutes when the eyes are tired and leave the body loose by lying in the breath.
  • In the morning, walk barefoot on the grass in the fresh air and stare at a tree, leaf, or flower for a few moments.
  • Turn the pupils from left to right, down from right then left. Do this twenty-five times. Rotate ten times from right to left.
  • Stare upstairs in the room for a while. Start looking at the thing near the bottom without turning your head. Repeat this 25 times. This will remove the tiredness of the eyes.
  • Place the palms on the eyes and look in the dark.
  • Close the eyes and open and count up to 2. Do this 20 times.
  • While looking up, blink the eyelids quickly. Then while looking down, blink the eyelids quickly. Do this 25 times.
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