Jennifer Aniston surprises Friends Fans


Central Perk Café might be the most iconic destination for TV Fans. It’s the legendary location where the friends spent so much of the time. The Central Perk Café is located at the Warner Brothers Lot.

Friends fans usually visit the show’s Central Perk Set to relive the friend’s memories and have a Fan Moment.

How many fans are actually served coffee by the Actress Jennifer Aniston, known as Rachel Green in Friends? Rachel uses to serve coffee in the café for a short period of time to manage her expenses.

Ellen DeGeneres famous show “The Ellen Show” was also filming in that studio and due to a DMV appointment, Ellen was late. To which Jennifer Aniston decided to have some fun and surprise them with her visit to the Central Perk Café by serving them coffee or Expresso.

You can watch the reactions of the fans in the video

The funniest part of the clip was when the friend’s fan was asked who is your favourite character, They answered Ross. To which Jennifer Aniston replied

“Ross?!”, “Who said Ross?” and popped up behind the couch.

The reaction is worth watching, it was really a surprising moment for Friends Fans.

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