How to Play God of War on PC

How to Play God of War on PC

Playstation VS PC is a never-ending debate. We all can agree that pc gives better performance and overall is better than PlayStation. But the sad reality is that pc users don’t have access to some of the best PlayStation exclusives.

But thanks to Playstation Now, pc gamers can now play the legendary God of War on their systems. 

The 2018 God of War is one of the best games ever made. The game comes with an award-winning campaign with solid combat and characters. 

Here is how pc gamers can play God of War on their systems

  1. Visit the PlayStation now website
  2. Select a plan. You can buy the membership for 12 months ($5/ month), 3 months ($8.33/ month), and 1 month ($10/ month)
  3. Download the Playstation Now App
  4. You will be able to stream the games now

Make sure You have a good internet connection, and Playstation Now is available in your country. 

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