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Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a super hit American Horror Comedy Show that involves a pink beagle dog who is anthropomorphic which means a dog with human traits as the main character. The main character lives with his aunt Muriel and his uncle Eustace. The trio gets involved into weird superficial horror adventures. It’s a fun show and has 4 seasons in total.

It is directed and created by John R. Dilworth. John Russell Dilworth is born on February 14, 1963, and works as an animatoractor, writer and a director. He is famous for his work in Courage the Cowardly Dog and The Dirty Birdy. He is planning a prequel to one of his famous shows.

The director is inspired by the concept art of the famous show looney tunes and mixing it up with the modern horror art models.    

The characters Muriel and Eustace are inspired by the middle names of the famous show character friends. The character of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani had the exact same middle names.

Courage the Cowardly Dog Story

Courage the Cowardly Dog story

The Story Revolves around a dog named Courage and his superbly kind aunt Muriel and super rude and evil uncle Eustace. The Uncle is jealous of the dog and aunt Muriel loves Courage. A character named Computer exists in the show who sarcastically gives advice to courage and even mocks him,

The couple is often challenged with super and horrifying monsters as the aunt is an easy target. The uncle is often trapped in some kind of terrible and backfiring schemes. The trio adventure is the highlight of the show. It is a courage responsibility to save the couple and outsmart the monsters.

A character Dr Vindaloo voiced by Paul Schoeffler and a fortune-telling Chihuahua named Shiley the medium voiced by Mary Testa also appears on a recurring basis.

Courage the cowardly dog cast


Courage the Cowardly dog courage

The main character of the show. He is the pink coloured beagle dog. He had a tough childhood, he was abandoned by his parents as they went to the outer space. Muriel found him in the middle of nowhere and give him the name of Courage. He is overly feared and quite coward, but in order to protect his kind aunt and super harsh uncle Eustace, he goes to extreme lengths. he is quite smart and has super strength when it comes to saving the couple. Some people say that villains he sees are in his head. But it is just a theory.   He is one of the most iconic character in the cartoon show of all times. The character of Courage is voiced Howard Hoffman in the pilot episode


Courage the Cowardly dog muriel

Muriel is the Owner of Courage and wife of the rude husband Eustace. She is kind, friendly, slightly overweight women. She hits his husband Eustace whenever he gets rude with Courage. She is a big fan of tea and likes gardening. She is also a great fan of cooking. Her hobby is to sit on her rocking chair with courage on her lap and watching TV. Courage loves her the most and can go to extreme lengths to save her. Due to her friendly nature and extreme kindness, she is an easy target for the villains. She is voiced by Howard Hoffman in the pilot episode and Thea White in the main series.


Courage the Cowardly dog eustace

Eustace is Muriel’s Rude husband. He is old, Greedy, irritated, hateful owner of Courage. He owns the farmland, the farmland was own by his brother. but after his brother’s demise, the property was transferred to him. He wears glasses similar to Muriel. He is jealous of courage. He is voiced by the Howard Hoffman in the pilot. And By Lionel Wilson in the primary episodes but after his death, the voice was performed by Wallace Shawn.

Courage the Cowardly Dog prequel

Courage the Cowardly dog prequel

The creator of the show has said that a prequel is in the works. The prequel will be associated by Cartoon Network and may air in 2020. And he is pretty excited about his upcoming work.

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The rumoured name of Courage the Cowardly prequel can be Before Courage. It is not confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, if you want to watch something new related to this show, You can always watch the new CGI Special of the show named “The Fog of Courage”. it aired in 2014

Some reports suggested that it may arrive back in the format of CGI.

Courage the Cowardly Dog reviews

Courage the Cowardly dog games

The show received critical acclaim and is one of the top-rated and popular series. John G. Nettles of PopMatters reviewed it and said ” This show is a fascinating and textured mixture of cartoon and horror-movie conventions, and an extreme joy to watch.

Alex Mastas of the Lights out Films production rated the show as ” The backgrounds are super rich and imaginative–they composite a lot of the show over real photos and occasionally integrate the CGI into the cartoon. The look is weird and ethereal, Just like the show”

The KJ Dell Antonia of the Common Sense Media gave the show three stars out of five with a review. “Cult fave ‘toon plays over-the-top violence for laughs and comedy”.

The Jeff Swingdoll of the Monsters and critics reviewed the first season and Praised it Highly

Courage the Cowardly Dog Games

Courage the Cowardly dog games

It has no official video games yet but the character from the show appears in the games of cartoon network. Some of the games are Block Party, Cartoon Network Racing, Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall and CN Speedway

Courage the Cowardly Dog Awards and Nominations

Courage the Cowardly dog awards
Oscar statues

It was nominated for the best animated short film and best sound editing – television animated series – Sound in 1995 and 2000.  It won the Outstanding individual achievement for production design in an animated TV Production and Best sound editing award in 2000 and 2001.

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Courage the Cowardly Dog Creepiest Episodes

Here is the list of top 10 creepiest episodes of the show that your parents should not let you watch.

1. “King Ramses’ Curse”

King Ramses’ Curse courage the cowardly dog

Eustace Bagge was one of the evilest and problematic characters in the show. In this episode, Eustace Stole a slab of one million dollars that forces the family to be haunted by the ghost of King Ramses. Who haunts the family and will leave only when the slab is returned to the tomb. The real spooky part of this episode is the visual itself and the animation style.

2. “Freaky Fred”

Freaky Fred courage the cowardly dog

Freaky Fred is one of the most memorable and the weirdest character in the show. He cuts hair and the character is inspired by the Sweeny Todd movie. His weird looks and his smile is definitely creepy.

3. “Demon in the Mattress”

Demon in the Mattress courage the cowardly dog

A Demonic Mattress Monster possesses the sweet Muriel in this episode. The episode is inspired by The Exorcist. Muriel turned into a demonic monster who swallows people. Things, in the end, turned right but the episode can be a little terrifying.

4. “The House of Discontent”

The House of Discontent courage the cowardly dog

This episode features a disembodies head floating in the basement who threated to kick the family out of the house. The sight of the head is unbearable, horror packed and can be a part of nightmares for your children.

5. “The mask”

The mask courage the cowardly dog

This episode features a character, Kitty. Kitty is the girlfriend of the character bunny. The mask of the kitty can be a little horrific.

6. “Evil Weevil”

Evil Weevil courage the cowardly dog

This episode featured a Weevil in the size of a human. Eustace had to hit this weevil monster. The weevil monster pays a visit to the family and his ability is to suck the spirits of people which can be super horrific for children.

Courage the Cowardly Dog merchandise 

Courage the Cowardly Dog merchandise

The VHS Editions of Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost and Scooby-Doo and the alien invaders both included an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog as a Bonus.

All the four seasons of the series are available to stream and download on iTunes. The Ps2 version of the game Cartoon Network Racing Contains the episodes “Robot Randy” as unlockable extras

Courage the Cowardly Dog List Of Episodes

The show consisted of 4 Seasons. There is a high chance of the revival of the show or maybe a prequel.

Courage the Cowardly Dog season 1
Season and EpisodesName of Episode
Season 1 Episode 1“A Night at the Katz Motel” and “Cajun Granny Stew”
Season 1 Episode 2“The Shadow of Courage” & “Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist”
Season 1 Episode 3“Courage Meets Bigfoot” & “Hothead”
Season 1 Episode 4The Demon in the Mattress; Freaky Fred
Season 1 Episode 5Night of the Weremole; Mother’s Day
Season 1 Episode 6The Duck Brothers; Shirley the Medium
Season 1 Episode 7King Ramses’ Curse; The Clutching Foot
Season 1 Episode 8The Hunchback of Nowhere; The Gods Must Be Goosey
Season 1 Episode 9Queen of the Black Puddle; Everyone Wants to Direct
Season 1 Episode 10The Snowman Cometh; The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable
Season 1 Episode 11Heads of Beef; Klub Katz
Season 1 Episode 12The Revenge of the Chicken From Outer Space
Season 1 Episode 13Little Muriel; The Great Fusilli

List of episodes of Season 2

Courage the Cowardly Dog season 2
Season 2 Episode 1The Magic Tree of Nowhere; Robot Randy
Season 2 Episode 2The Curse of Shirley; Courage in the Big Stinkin’ City
Season 2 Episode 3Family Business; One Thousand Years of Courage
Season 2 Episode 4Courage Meets the Mummy; Invisible Muriel
Season 2 Episode 5Human Habitrail; Mission to the Sun
Season 2 Episode 6Courage the Fly; Katz Kandy
Season 2 Episode 7Nowhere TV; Mega Muriel the Magnificent
Season 2 Episode 8Bad Hair Day; The Forbidden Hat of Gold
Season 2 Episode 9Serpent of Evil River; The Transplant
Season 2 Episode 10Car Broke, Phone Yes; Cowboy Courage
Season 2 Episode 11Evil Weevil; McPherson Phantom
Season 2 Episode 12The House of Discontent; The Sand Whale Strikes
Season 2 Episode 13The Tower of Dr Zalost Pts. 1 & 2

List of episodes of Season 3

Courage the Cowardly Dog season 3
Season 3 Episode 1Muriel Meets Her Match / Courage vs. Mecha-Courage
Season 3 Episode 2Campsite of Terror / Record Deal
Season 3 Episode 3Stormy Weather / The Sandman Sleeps
Season 3 Episode 4Hard Drive Courage / The Ride of the Valkyries
Season 3 Episode 5Scuba Scuba Doo; Conway the Contaminationist
Season 3 Episode 6Katz Under the Sea / Curtain of Cruelty
Season 3 Episode 7Feast of the Bullfrogs / Tulip’s Worm
Season 3 Episode 8So in Louvres Are We Two; Night of the Scarecrow
Season 3 Episode 9Mondo Magic / Watch the Birdies
Season 3 Episode 10Fishy Business / Angry Nasty People
Season 3 Episode 11Dome of Doom / Snowman’s Revenge
Season 3 Episode 12King of Flan / Courage Under the Volcano

List of Episodes of Season 4

Courage the Cowardly Dog season 4
Season 4 Episode 1A Beaver’s Tale; The Nutcracker
Season 4 Episode 2Rumpledkiltskin / Housecalls
Season 4 Episode 3Le Quack Balloon / Windmill Vandals
Season 4 Episode 4The Uncommon Cold / Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted
Season 4 Episode 5Bride of Swamp Monster / Goat Pain
Season 4 Episode 6Muriel Blows Up / Profiles in Courage
Season 4 Episode 7The Mask
Season 4 Episode 8Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog / Muted Muriel
Season 4 Episode 9Aqua-Farmer; Feast or Fowl
Season 4 Episode 10The Last of the Starmakers / Son of the Chicken from Outer Space
Season 4 Episode 11Courageous Cure/ Ball of Revenge
Season 4 Episode 12Cabaret Courage / Wrath of the Librarian
Season 4 Episode 13Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect
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