Captain Marvel Sequel in Works


According to the latest reports, Captain Marvel sequel is reportedly in works and will be released in 2020. The first film was released in 2019 and featured Brie Larson as the lead role as Captain Marvel and Samuel L.Jackson as Nick Fury. It was a huge hit and was a box-office hit globally.

The storyline will be in the present timeline, they will change the setting from 1990. They are looking for a female director. It will kickstart the 5th Phase of MCU. Some rumours are that Captain Marvel will be the first LGBT Superhero in the franchise. We don’t know how true are these rumours.

According to reports, Megan McDonnell, a staff writer for the show WandaVision, will write the script of the movie.

MCU is on a roll this decade, their upcoming lineups include, Doctor strange 2, black widow, Thor 4, The Eternals and with new Disney plus TV shows. Will MCU achieve the hype they achieved in the previous decade with the whole Thanos Phase? Will the new heroes overcome the performance of the likes of Iron Man and Captain America? Tell us about your views in the comment section.

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